20 Embarrassing Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See Before You Vote



Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, we can all agree he’s the decade’s biggest cause célèbre. Indeed, the property tycoon has courted controversy ever since announcing his bid for the U.S. presidency, while his lack of experience and divisive statements have been praised and criticised on both sides of the political spectrum. But while his political campaign survives all manner of scandal, these photos may be harder to brush off. In fact, he’d probably prefer it if you didn’t see these embarrassing images before casting your vote.


His Jeb Bush high-five fail

Without doubt, there are few things as awkward as trying to hit a high-five when the other person just wants a handshake. Indeed, it’s even more embarrassing when you’re doing it to a fellow presidential candidate – on live TV! This image was snapped during CNN’s 2015 GOP debate and obviously cost both Trump and Jeb Bush a few cool points